Free Love, Free Fall: Scenes from the West Coast 60s

In Free Love, Free Fall: Scenes from the West Coast Sixties Merimée Moffitt’s stories slip readers into the times that were “a changing,” the time between beatniks and hippies and then some. The settings follow a winding path from San Francisco to New York City and back to the farm factories in eastern Oregon.

The young couple, vagabonds on the road, give a glimpse into pre-women’s lib society and the musicians and sadhus looking for love and life beyond the inelegant, patriarchal norm of the fifties. Free Love, Free Fall is a must for those who are curious about how it really was, at least for this author, and for anyone who also was there, in that time, living through social upheaval and creating it on a day to day basis.

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“This is an amazing story of the journey one woman took in her escape from the repressive life of middle America in the fifties to the wild world of San Francisco in the sixties and the Hippies and Free Love that made up that world. It is the story of her coming into her own as she claims her own personal values and struggles towards life as a mature woman. I knew parts of this story but found it more detailed and heroic in scope than I ever imagined. The depth of her struggles was so great and the victories so heartening it was a real page-turner that kept me up late, wanting to find out what was going to happen. It is so personal in its descriptions I felt I was living through it myself. It’s the story of a woman and the story of an era, absorbing, sad, funny and always deliciously detailed. A really good read.” ~Sally J. Terwiliger

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