(Dreaming My Addiction Poems Oct 9, 2017)

Abstractions of Addiction

A is for Addiction

B is for Blame

C is for Compassion

D is Deranged

E is for the Elephants, traipsing through the room

F is for Falling, failing, falling, flailing, fear of

G, for Getting: high, low, money, clean

H is for Higher Power who isn’t someone you know

I is for Ignorance, ignoring, ignored

J is for Jail bait, jail birds, the red yellow orange of Justicia

K is for Kicking over and over, kicking back, down, in

L is for Love, for losing everything and everyone

M is for Money, for me, mine, mother

N is for Never  try them, Baby oh

O is the Poppy flower, the Orient Express

P for Paying, for Papas gone, prison

Q is for Qi, the circulating life force, veins

R is for Relapse, rehab, relapse, sorrow

S is for Serenity, the prayer before the step

T  for Terrible, the disease, the terror

U is for Us mothers, kids, lovers, fathers, friends

V is for Very very hard to let go

W is Waiting and waiting: the phone rings, a door closes

X is for EXtra sad, extra happy, extra life, ex-wives

Yes, Y is for Yes, you are loved by your kids

Z is for Zealots who work to end the silence

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